The Bunk Police Story: Drug Test Vigilantes to Appear on CNN

The Bunk Police
Mysteryland USA 2015. Photo – Josh Campbell Photography.

As the controversy surrounding harm prevention vs. abstinence-only drug policies at dance music events continues to snowball, the debate is reaching further and further into the mainstream conscience.

This has never been more apparent than now as CNN is set to air the documentary, “This is Life with Lisa Ling: Electronic Woodstock”, delving into the subject with none other than The Bunk Police.

Bunk Police Documentary
Photo – The Bunk Police – Facebook.

Catching up with The Bunk Police at Mysteryland USA, Lisa Ling speaks with Adam – a Bunk Police representative – to discuss the motives for their actions.

With a realistic view of drug use, The Bunk Police take it upon themselves to sneak in drug testing kits to festivals and events (they’re disallowed at many events) in order to mitigate harmful effects of potentially dangerous chemicals.

Through educating drug consumers on what they’re taking, The Bunk Police are doing their part to save the lives of attendees.

If you can’t stop drug use, do what you can to stop the harmful effects of it. That’s the goal.

The documentary airs at 9 p.m. ET tonight (Wednesday, November 4, 2015) on CNN, and you can watch the trailer here.