Safe In Sound Festival Delivers On Every Level [Event Review]

safe in sound 2014
Photo via Facebook/Safe In Sound Festival/Teeghan McGinnis Photography

When it comes to electronic dance music festivals, not many cater to a specific group as much as Safe In Sound Festival.

For bass craving dance music enthusiasts around the United States, Safe In Sound has been circled on the calendar for months. Hitting over 20 cities from September through October, the Disco Donnie curated event is wrapping up its’ two month tour that is bringing the noise from coast to coast.

We had the chance to catch the tour on its stop to Club Cinema in Pompano Beach, Florida and the event more than delivered. With 150,000 Watts pumping the sounds of dubstep pioneers Adventure Club and Flux Pavilion out of the PK sound system and in to our ears, as well as Destroid, Terravita, and UZ, the level of hype was through the roof. It was no wonder that the bass was reportedly heard a mile away when the tour stopped through Orlando. With people complaining that their homes were shaking, just imagine what the vibratory frequency was like inside the venue.

While the sound system quality and clarity was impeccable, the aging venue – at times – seemed like it would not be able to support an event of that caliber. Nonetheless the bass family was out in full force with roughly 5,000 people in attendance. Both levels of the the two story building were packed wall-to-wall as Terravita kicked off the festivities of the night. UZ followed up with grimey trap bangers that had the crowd twerking up on the bar as the bartenders hosed them down with the drink guns.

safe in sound music festival
Photo via Facebook/Safe In Sound Festival/Teaghan McGinnis Photography

Flux Pavilion held down the third slot in his typical legendary fashion, laying down classics “Gold Dust,” “Freeway,” and “I Can’t Stop” before handing it over to Destroid. After such an epic performance that energy was practically lifting the ceiling off of the foundation, Christian Srigley and Leighton James of Adventure Club emerged to close out the night.

The headlining performance was everything you could hope for as a fan of Adventure Club and dubstep.

The Canadian duo clicked on all cylinders, throwing down classics “Gold” and “Crave You” as Christian dove in to the crowd of extended arms. After returning to the decks, Adventure Club dropped their latest track “Fade” which had just debuted weeks prior at Imagine Music Festival.

Safe In Sound Festival exceeded expectations and delivered everything bass craving dubstep and trap aficionados could hope for. The crowd was one of the most engaged and reactive groups of many events that we have attended. They came out for a reason and the festival and its performers delivered.

With 9 stops left on the Safe In Sound tour there are still plenty of chances to experience it for yourself.

For more information and to purchase tickets be sure to visit the official Safe In Sound Festival website by clicking here.

safe in sound music festival
Photo via Facebook/Safe In Sound Festival/Teeghan McGinnis Photography

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