From Amsterdam to Ibiza and Beyond With ROULNDOORS [Exclusive Interview]

RoulnDoors Interview
Photo – Xolali Joval and ROULNDOORS – Facebook.

Dutch duo ROULNDOORS is keeping the electronic spirit alive with productions, mixes, and sets that have taken the pair all around the world to share their progressive sound.

Touching on a myriad of sounds under the house umbrella, ROULNDOORS seamlessly flows through their mixes with a hard-hitting style that’s guaranteed to keep the energy pumped up to 11.

Releasing their first production on Hardsoul Pressings in 2008, ROULNDOORS has continued to build their worldwide following with their party-bumping tunes. In order to help spread the ROULNDOORS gospel, we connected with the duo to discuss their music, inspirations, newest releases, and more – here’s what we got!

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Whats the ROULNDOORS story? How did you guys get into creating music, both individually and then together as a duo?

We started out as solo DJs during our studies. We played all kinds of genres to be able to entertain every crowd we came across. We had some crazy parties those years! After our studies we got our first record ‘Revelation’ signed on DJ Roogs’ Hardsoul Pressings label in 2008. That was the push we needed and we decided to go for it!

How would you define/describe the ROULNDOORS sound?

Our sound is sexy [ladies first 🙂 ], energetic and rhythmic. We love to combine cool house tracks with more commercial acapella’s and samples.

What was your first exposure to dance music, if you can remember it?

We started listening to dance music when we went to university. This was back in 2003. Our biggest inspirations were Erick Morillo and DJ Roog.

What inspires you to make music? Where to you pull ideas and inspiration from?

The main inspiration for our music is music;). Melodies, sounds and messages from other artists make us run to the studio and start a new track.

What is the process like when you guys set out to create a track?

Roulndoors interview
The beat lab. Photo – ROULNDOORS – Facebook.

Most of the time we start on a piano playing melodies. In combination with a cool sound a track is born. A good melody can become great by using the right sound.

What’s the best thing about producing and performing as a duo? What’s the toughest part?

Recently, we have decided that Roul is doing the DJ sets and Stijn is working behind the scenes. In the studio we still work together. Usually we think the same about our tracks which makes it easier to finish. The great thing about doing this together is that combining our ideas and solutions brings our music to a next level.

Having played shows from Amsterdam to London to Ibiza and Taiwan, would you say that audience tastes range broadly depending on where you’re playing? If so, how would you change a set from, say, America to a European or Asian audience?

We bring our own sound, but adjust it every set to get each individual audience of their feet. We feel the biggest differences are rather between venues than countries. However, the European party people have heard and seen a lot of DJs.

It’s a challenge, so you have to come up with new ways and music to tear the roof off. In comparison, the Asian audience know and love everything you do.

The studio vs. the stage, where’s your favorite place to be?


Where do you see electronic music heading/where do you see the future of dance music?

We feel that the groove and sexiness is coming back to dance music. Most of the (party)people Worldwide are known with dance music. Everyone is going to differentiate their taste within the subgenres of dance music which is a great thing for the less commercial artists. Dance music is evolving really quickly which keeps it fresh and interesting.

Your upcoming single, “How We Do It”, is already making waves in the scene with early support from Martin Garrix, Fedde Le Grand, Don Diablo, and more – can you tell us more about the track?

The track was made a while ago. We found this dope piano sample and played a cool melody with it. However, we didn’t know how to finish it. Mr.V’s vocals gave us the inspiration we needed. A small edit in the melody using the pitchwheel on our keyboard gave the extra edge. We are very happy with the result!

Lastly, what’s on the horizon for you guys. What’s next?

We’ve been sitting in the lab for a while and we will bring you loads of tracks with a renewed RoulnDoors sound the coming year!

Roulndoors Interview
The beat lab. Photo – ROULNDOORS – Facebook.

You can find ROUNLDOORS on SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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