Sponsors Drop Carnage in Pirated Software Debacle

Carnage Razer Music
Photo – Carnage and Marcvdaa.com.

Following the debacle surrounding Carnage’s Razer Music production tutorial, Carnage has officially been dropped from Razer. Why? Cracked software.

In Carnage’s tutorial, it’s clearly visible that the producer is using a cracked version of LennarDigital’s Sylenth1 software pack.

That in itself may have passed unpunished, except Diamanté Blackmon aka Carnage took to Twitter, nonchalant about the pirated software.

Carnage Razer Music
LennarDigital’s response to Carnage via Twitter.

Mind you, this is the same producer who shot $10,000 out of confetti cannons at a sold-out Chicago show. Something tells us that he can afford the software.

Following conversations show Blackmon claiming that the laptop he used wasn’t his, something that Razer probably wasn’t too happy about considering that they partnered with him for the tutorial.

Carnage has since had his name and YouTube tutorial pulled from the Razer Music website as internet jokes continue to swirl surrounding the mishap.

Moral of the story? Pay for your gear, especially before showing it off to millions via YouTube.

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