Preview: The Hudson Music Project 2014

The Hudson Music Project
Photo via The Hudson Music Project

Festival season is in full swing and The Hudson Project is next up on the list, Friday, July 11 through Sunday, July 13.

Picking up right where Camp Bisco left off MCP Presents brings another eclectic lineup to The Winston Farm in Saugerties, New York.

Here’s a little of what to expect next weekend at The Hudson Music Project:


MCP Presents is the force behind festivals such as The Buku Music & Art Project, Counterpoint Music Festival and Lights All Night.

Having been to Buku and Counterpoint this year, I can tell you first hand that they do a great job at making sure you have an memorable festival experience. I’ve been to my fair share of sets where I cannot help but leave due to the sound levels just not being where they should be at an outdoor fest. That being said, there was a moment at Counterpoint where I looked over to my buddies and said, “Wow. Their sound is on point.”

Mixed with impressive lighting setups, Hudson has all the makings for a great experience from a sound/production standpoint.

The Hudson Project
Photo via The Hudson Music Project

Being thrown at the home of Woodstock ’94 you have to remember their original tribute to Woodstock ’69 marketing it as, “2 More Days of Peace and Music.” Being held at a location with rich history you can’t help but think some of those Woodstock vibes will be ever present.

The other main thing I look for in the festival experience is the people that the festival attracts.

What I have come to realize is that some festivals are just not for me; Those festivals located in the heart of the city where people go to the fest just because they happen to live there and it is something to do (but that diversity is what makes the community as great as it is).

Being in a remote area tends to attract attendees who actually want to be there; People that invest time, money, and energy to experience the entire journey created by traveling to an electronic dance music festival.

I fully expect The Hudson Project to have a great crowd chalk full of those unmistakable festy vibes.


There is a reason these things we go to are called MUSIC festivals. Hudson, in this aspect, does not disappoint one bit.

As I write this I am still scavenging around trying to come up with enough doll-hairs (dollars) to make the trip from Cincinnati, Ohio.

The Hudson Music Project
Photo via The Hudson Music Project

I have tried countless number of times to just accept I probably won’t be making it to New York but a few thing keep reminding me that I absolutely have to make it happen: their sick-nasty-dopity-dank lineup and the prospect of sharing a weekend with like minded individuals at an event that will undoubtedly leave its mark on the electronic dance music festival landscape.

There are lineups out there that cater to certain audiences. The Hudson Project has done an amazing job at making sure there is a wide variety of genres so that when trying to go to bed you don’t have an “untz-untz” buzz stuck in your head.

Simply looking at the Saturday schedule reveals that attendees have the ability to go get funky at Exmag in the afternoon, chill out with west-coasters Rebelution, get down to some Big Gigantic before uniting with hip hop heads at Kendrick Lamar, or meander over for an epic GRiZ set (you should definitely make this happen.)

It just happens to be a perfect lineup for me and my fest-crew, from Bassnectar to the Floozies and Tribe to Flying Lotus, good music will be all up in your ears.

Things to Remember

First and foremost is that there will be no car-camping option at The Hudson Project.

The Hudson Music Project
Photo via The Hudson Music Project

Having been to Summer Camp in May, it is important to plan ahead for this. You should definitely pack in such a way that makes it easy to haul your gear in. Whether that be bringing a wagon/dully, expect a decent little hike to get to your camping spot.

Also, charging devices such as cameras, phones, and vape pens can prove to be a difficult task so think ahead and consider bringing solar chargers or portable USB charging stations. This will undoubtedly be a worthy investment.

Of course there are the more obvious things like bring food so you don’t starve, water so you won’t dehydrate, clothes so you’re not that dude, and awesome vibes so people don’t hate you.

It’s hard to preview a festival in its’ inaugural year but The Hudson Project has all the makings for an fantastic weekend.

If MCP‘s past events are any indication of what Hudson will be like, sound and production should not be an issue. With artist followings such as the AmBASSadors and Griz Family, there should be an immense energy the entire weekend. Don’t forget your wristband, your ID, and water.

Most importantly, remember to take care of one another. Those of you going will not be disappointed with your choice.

Hope to see you there fest fam.

For more information and to purchase tickets be sure to connect with The Hudson Project and MCP below.

The Hudson Music Project Website | THP Facebook | THP Twitter | MCP Presents

Check out the official lineup announcement/teaser video below.

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