An Open Letter to Dubstep: Thank You For Your Deep, Grimy Bass

Dubstep is one of the many intoxicating subgenres under the umbrella of electronic dance music.

This evolution of sound has developed into a relentless craving for Bass Heads all around the globe.

Bass HeadHaving originated in the UK, Dubstep is most prominently known for its robotic sounds. The varying speeds of the reverberating bass takes listeners on a journey, luring them in as the drum beat progresses. The beats per minute (BPM) typically range between 138 and 142.

There are countless DJs with a prominent dubstep production style including Bassnectar, Datsik, Rusko, Zomboy, Doctor P, Liquid Stranger, Flux Pavilion, Sub Focus and FuntCase, just to name a few. Artists use the wobbly distortion of the bass lines to produce a crowd pleasing ‘wub’ effect in their music. Be forewarned: Before listening to dubstep, prepare your ears to be fiercely rattled and shaken by the bass.

Dubstep has the remarkable ability to attract a vast number of listeners. It takes hold of its audience, refusing to let go, and becoming a never ending addiction for hard, filthy drops and deep grimy bass.

This aggressively sick music fills the crowd so completely that there is no room for worries, anxieties, or fears. There is no longer any self doubt or insecurity. The bass takes control and it feels so good to let go. All you can do is throw everything you have back at the music, thrashing your body whichever way the beat takes you.

Dancing to dubstep is sweaty, rejuvenating freedom.

The crowd bounces as one united movement, rising and falling as the drum beat kicks. This dub loving family presses against one another, relinquishing their ordinary facade in exchange for hardcore alter egos. If only for one night, groups are free to release all of their pent up frustrations and stomp out the concerns weighing them down.

This much needed liberation is all thanks to Dirty Dubstep and the outrageously talented artists who create it.

Thank you Dubstep, from all of us dedicated Bass Heads.

New to the scene? Check out two of our favorite dubstep tracks from Zomboy and Flux Pavilion below.

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