New Las Vegas Nightclub – AFTER – Sets Strict ‘DJ Rules’

The burgeoning electronic music scene is laden with technical wizards; masters of their craft who can manipulate the amalgamation of technology at their fingertips. However it is no secret that certain DJ’s, often referred to as ‘Button Pushers‘ have permeated to the upper echelon of mainstream EDM.

You will not find these names or their sounds resonating through a certain Sin City establishment.

David Guetta Performing
David Guetta Performing

A Las Vegas Nightclub, AFTER, has set strict rules for its’ DJs.

Having opened February 1st, AFTER Nightclub is looking to avoid mainstream songs and laziness by eliminating pre-mixed sets and banning select artists such as Calvin Harris, David Guetta, Tiesto, LMFAO, and Martin Garrix.

AFTER Nightclub DJ Rules
AFTER Nightclub DJ Rules

DJ Rules Confirmed

Marketing Director for AFTER, Mira, has verified that the DJ rules are indeed real and will permanently be placed in the booth. The list has been spreading like wildfire across social media, with the WhiteRaverRafting photo gaining over 86,000 shares on Facebook. Peep the list below.

For those of you that prefer mainstream, it looks like AFTER Nightclub will not be the place to rage on until the wee hours of the morning. Luckily for you, Las Vegas has become internationally known for its’ resident DJ’s and vast selection of nightclubs.

Photos Courtesy of Billboard.comWhiteRaverRafting

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