Life In Color Miami Paints The Town In Largest Event Ever [Event Review]

The folks at Life In Color were not lying when they said that LIC Miami would be their most expansive production yet.

life in color event review
Fireworks ignite the sky during Day 1 of Life in Color Miami.

The Parade of Paint returned to its roots in sunny Florida to end the year right with 60,000 of EDM’s biggest fans.

Enormous explosions of color and ground shaking music concluded Life in Color’s biggest show yet. Expanded to two days, LIC unleashed an unprecedented 20,000 gallons of liquid colorant on a packed crowd of living canvases.

The flock of Floridian Ravers splashed around in puddles of paint becoming a Life in Color masterpiece.

The rainbow streaked audience stomped their hearts out to back breaking music fit to crumble the earth with bass so loud our teeth chattered to the sound. Though the weather forecast predicted rain, the only thing pouring down over the Sun Life Stadium were gallons upon gallons of thrill inducing paint. The stormy clouds parted to form a sky of vibrant colors. Brilliant shades of red, green and blue covered the high energy crowd.

Our South Florida Rave Family united as one to wash away our worries and fears in a shower of paint.

From walking through the gates with your LIC wristbands to closing the show with sky-scraping fireworks and uplifted hearts, this full steaming paint train delivered nothing but thrills and goose bumps.

photo via Life in Color Facebook
Thousands of gallons of paint unleash on the crowd on Day 2 of Life In Color Miami.

Three separate stages continued to broadcast heart pounding music throughout the two entirely paint soaked days.

Downtown was graced with sounds from big headlining artists like Kaskade, Carnage, Borgore, Nervo, Deorro and a live painting showcase by LA’s finest artist, David Garibaldi. The Paint Factory ran the trap with an outrageous number of hard hitting DJs like Diplo, Madeon, Adventure Club, Bro Safari, Caked Up, Bingo Players and DVBBS.

Representing the Sunshine State, much deserving artists  like Bowser, Jugga-not, Dynamik Dave, Pharoah and Triarchy basked in the spotlight of the Paintopia Stage.

The multi-colored crowd was fueled by paint and nasty drops from these glorious producers. But when the festival called for more and our bodies called for less, thankfully Life in Color was there to breathe new life into our tired souls.

life in color miami event review
Life In Color Miami brought art installations and carnival rides in addition to three epic stages.

Whether you were relaxing on the Ferris wheel, receiving free refills on your empty water bottles, or resting on the sidewalks while admiring the artistic beauty of Paintopia, there was always somewhere to recoup and regain some energy. Generous vendors were handing out shirts, bags, and other free festival gear.

Shots of espresso were given out by Café Bustelo to give the crowd an extra boost and keep the party going.

Time was non-existent and the world disappeared as we escaped into a universe of mesmerizing sounds and unleashed energy.

Still clean of paint smears and colored faces, we joined the crowd in the countdown to our release. We shared laughs and smiles with those around us in pure elation, just happy to be free with one another. We were able to live and love without judgment from others and we would all unite as one as we painted in the dark.

10.. 9.. 8.. 7.. 6.. 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

Paint Blast
Canons unleash thousands of gallons of paint on a crowd of living canvases.

Cannons erupted, shooting paint over 200 feet to touch each of us with an indulging caress of color.

Paint blasted from each corner of the stages, creating a monumental rainbow sky over our entire Life in Color family. The energy reached a peak so high we thought we would never come down. We danced, sang, and enjoyed the moment as it rained never ending paint showers.

The World’s Largest Paint Party created a world of artistic beauty, transforming us into a collection of colored masterpieces.

Now we wait until our next journey into the colored land.

Photos via Facebook – Life In Color

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