Complete Your Festival Look with Custom Levi’s

Presented by Levi’s

music festival fashionYou pack the car, meticulously scan through your newly crafted playlist, make sure you have grabbed the tickets, and pick out your festival attire, choosing the look that will tie everything together. Music festival fashion and dressing for the specific occasion is normally the variable that can make or break an entire festival experience.

Comfortable, stylish, and unique, tying together your look with customized Levi’s® jeans is the ideal festival choice. Customizing your favorite Levi’s jeans allows you to put your own unique twist on the most important aspect of it all – your pants.

Never again will you have to stress about the final touch. Living in a world of bland pantaloons is far behind us. Add individualized flare to your pants with embroidery and patches, by splattering bleach or paint, or adding your own personalized fray by taking sandpaper to the fringes. Never has planning music festival fashion been less stressful.

By customizing your Levi’s you can spend more time bumping tunes, making sure your game is on point, and enjoying the event.

Whether you are camping in the desolate forests of the Northwest or bouncing around on a hot summer day in the concrete jungle, dressing the part will impact the experience not only for you, but for all of those around you. From head to toe, accessories to shoes, every last detail must be carefully determined lest valuable energy that might otherwise be allocated to dancing the night away might be wasted on concerns of how hot or cold you are, taking your focus off of the music and out of the moment, detracting from the overall festival experience and potentially making you a bummer to be around.

Don’t be that guy.

On the other hand, a well thought out approach to planning your music festival fashion can leave you calm, cool, and comfortable while being the eye-catching trendsetter. Not only will this proper planning leave you looking great and feeling better, but this newfound confidence will compound with the increased approachability as a result of standing out.

Music festival fashion is about much more than just slapping on threads and sprinting out the door. In addition to comfort, the outfit you choose to wear contributes to the energy level of the crowd as a whole by exuding your unique personality. While seemingly insignificant, each smile spreads as the result of your stunningly good looks, eccentricity or combination of the two, inevitably spreads like a wildfire, bouncing from person to person, eventually covering the festival grounds in a blanket of fashionably-induced positive vibrations.

From hair color to furry boots and everything in between, leave no detail unrefined when planning your music festival fashion.