Kaskade’s Redux Tour : Keeping it About the Music

A year ago, Ryan Raddon (also known as Kaskade) celebrated the 10 year anniversary of his album “It’s You, It’s Me” by launching an intimate and simple tour called Redux.

Redux offers lengthy sessions of deep house music, in contrary to many of his Ultra sets and Freaks of Nature shows.

The motive of this was not to fill arenas with oceans of glow sticks and synchronized state of the art light shows, but instead to re-appreciate the wholesomeness of house music on a more vintage level, taking things back to square one.

Kaskade Redux
Kaskade Redux Tour

Over the years, electronic dance music has exponentially gathered a relentless crowd of believers with passion in each rhythm and devotion to every lyric.

Sometimes we appreciate the music in this very moment to such a predominant extent, that we ¬†forget about all of the history in the making that gave us these melodies that float our spirits. Kaskade’s Redux Tour is giving the (much smaller, less compressed) crowd a feel of naturalness; allowing fans to fall deeply in love with the deeper house music.

Kicking off another soft sounded tour beginning late April flowing into mid May, catch Kaskade re-doing Redux playing soul soothing sounds in a serene setting near you. Call it a blast from the past, maybe even an aid for a decade, bottom line is that Raddon intends to revive that root of music loving- “you know, like the way we used to do it.”

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photo credit: Party Stuff by CS via photopin cc