Kaleidoscope Music Festival

Dates: Friday, September 19 – Sunday, September 21, 2014
Location: Mt. Hood, Oregon, United States
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Festival Description

Kaleidoscope is yet another festival that offers a little bit of something for everyone (seeing a trend here?) including electronic, hip-hop, jam band, bluegrass, indie rock, and more. Previously held in Eugene, the weekend long experience is backing its’ bags and and traveling north up I-5 to Mt. Hood for 2014.

Kaleidoscope Music Festival 2014
Kaleidoscope Music Festival 2014

Kaleidoscope Experience

Lighting up the Night at Kaleidoscope

From an experience standpoint this is up there with the best of them. The pageantry includes the Wanderlust Circus, featuring the best performers and acrobats from around the world. Sound familiar? These are the same performers that put on a show year-in and year-out and Electric Daisy Carnival.

Dubbed a “multi-media art circus” by the Austin Post newspaper, Kaleidoscope also incorporates fire twirlers, opera singers, mandala domes, a chakra chamber, and a the Sonic Sound Portal, a sound chamber that will leave you mind-blown and lost in another dimension.

None of this tickling your fancy? There’s more. Guided nature hikes and yoga are also among the options for attendees.

Wanderlust Circus at Electric Daisy Carnival

Harmonic Laboratory

Kaleidoscope Music Festival 2013 After Movie

Photo via Ponce De Leon Photography

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