Interview with the Founders of Imagine Music Festival: Maddy and Glenn

The fairy tale continues into unknown territory. Arriving on-site to Imagine Music Festival 2022 will be enchanting as festival goers get to explore the woodlands and riverside of Kingston Downs, Georgia for the first time ever where an underwater dreamscape will emerge for 4-days of music, camping and art.  In just two weeks, September 15-18, Imagine will makes it triumph return after a 2 year drought.

As the final pieces of the infrastructure lock together for the 7th edition of Imagine we reached out to Maddy and Glenn, the couple behind the independent festival that started on Labor Day Weekend 2014 as well as explored the 4 carefully curated stages, reviewed the history of the festival and took a sneak peek at the new grounds.

Glenn and Maddy Goodhand, Imagine Music Festival Founders

It is amazing to see the venue change to natural woodlands with riverside access equipped with a tubing experience, sounds heavenly. Can you share more details about the new pool party setup, the camping entertainment, and/or enhanced infrastructure? 

Yes, we agree! It’s a refreshing change! Being encompassed in nature gives the festival a whole new vibe. The Aqua Day Club & Imagine Pool are centrally located inside the festival; we like to call it the heart of the festival. The massive pool is elevated on a large deck surrounded by cabanas giving it a Vegas/Miami pool party atmosphere. The campers will be able to flow between the festival and imagine camping with tons of vendors, food, and workshops to explore in between.

Imagine Music Festival 2022 Map

Can you share about any of the particular workshops that will be at the festival?

Glenn: For 2022, we opted to continue and, in some cases, bring back the most popular workshops from over the years. The Imaginarium will host transformational workshops, including Learn Aerial Yoga, Acro Yoga, Permaculture, Aerial Arts, Flow Arts, Mastery of Life, Meditation, Yoga, Sacred Geometry, Consciousness, Mindfulness Art, and more to be announced later. The Imaginarium is a great place to connect your soul to IMF with friends. They are free but fill up fast.

What are some grassroots efforts you both have made to launch Imagine Music Festival?

Maddy: Everything in our past, from producing our events, promotions, and attending festivals and clubbing, have a root in Imagine. Glenn comes from a b-boy and promotions side, while the creative vision for Imagine has come from my vivid imagination and love for the aquatic vibe you see throughout.

History of Imagine Music Festival by Destination EDM!

How good does it feel to be back after two years off? How have you been planning and staying productive during this time off?

Maddy: It is incredible and also a little bit of nervous excitement. We have a lot riding on this year after navigating everything with COVID and the bad weather, and the planning will show. The positive to these two years in hiatus is that we have been able to fine-tune and build on everything we have done to this point. The venue was top on the list of things we needed to address since it plays a big part in the experience. Kingston Downs gives us the environment to build the aquatic fairytale on a level not seen before.

What is on the agenda this week to get ready for the festival?

Glenn: Planning, planning, and more planning. We are constantly working on making Imagine an epic experience- leading up to, during, and after each year.

What are your zodiac signs? How does your partnership complement each other? 

Maddy: I’m an Aquarius, and Glenn is a Libra. Not sure what the Zodiac says, but we are a perfect match. Glenn is very strong at any personality traits or skill sets that I may lack and vice versa. There is not much we can’t tackle together. 

Glenn and Maddy Goodhand, Imagine Music Festival Founders

Are there any new announcements you can share with us today? 

Maddy: You will have to keep an eye on our social feeds for any updates. When possible, we like to share any insider news with our fans first. Imagine leans heavily on our fans for their feedback- listening and discussing each point sent our way, which is why I think we resonate so much with our fans. 

Imagine Music Festival 2022 Stage Takeovers

Do you have any camping music festival hacks or tips?

Maddy: We have an extensive list on our website, but invest in a pair of comfortable mud boots, don’t forget sunscreen and bug spray (we are immersed in nature, after all); also, Car Camping is essential.

Imagine Music Festival Camping List

What is one philosophy you like to live by?

Maddy: Your thoughts create your reality. Your imagination fuels your world.

A “never have I ever”, what is one thing you have never done that probably a lot of other people have done?  

We have never partied at our own events.

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