Insomniac Takes Beyond Wonderland To Mexico

Beyond Wonderland, a top of the line festival produced by Insomniac, will be heading to Mexico this May. After seven wildly successful years of following Alice down the rabbit hole, Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella decided it’s time for a new adventure.

Once upon a time, Mundo de Adeveras, was an amusement park and now the grounds will play host to Beyond Wonderland Mexico.

Joining Insomniac in the production and promotion of Beyond Wonderland Mexico will be OCESA and Apodaca. Two established entertainment companies that have plenty of success with some of the largest electronic events in Mexico.

Check out the announcement video for Beyond Wonderland Mexico below:

Beyond Wonderland is one of the few large scale festivals that allows for an endless escape to a fantasy world. From elaborate art installations to immaculate stage productions, Beyond Wonderland will be the journey of a lifetime.

The initial lineup details will be released soon and a variety of ticket options are already available that you can check out by clicking here. VIP amenities are plentiful. They include gourmet food options, raised viewing decks, charging stations, spacious seating areas for relaxation and high-end cocktails.

Beyond Wonderland Announcement

The wonderland awaits you in all its glory.

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