8 Performances You Must See At Imagine Music Festival

imagine music festival lineup
Imagine Music Festival 2014 Lineup

With just a week until our electronic dance music family unites at the Masquerade Music Park in Downtown Atlanta for Labor Day weekend, we have decided to dive a little bit deeper into the incredible lineup that Iris Presents has put together for Imagine Music Festival 2014. While the bass heavy list is essentially flawless from top to bottom, there are still those artists that consistently put in work and turn out some of the best crowds and nasty sets.

With Adventure Club, Destroid, and Fedde Le Grand headlining, you know you are in for some of the freshest beats this side of the Mason-Dixon line. But what about those names a little bit lower on the list that are guaranteed to put on a show?

Sometimes deciding which sets to see can be the most difficult task of a festival weekend (although it is not a bad dilemma to have). Having trouble deciding between who to see? We are here to help as we take a look at 8 performances you must see at Imagine Music Festival.

1. Wick it the Instigator

This multi-genre DJ is the real deal and a breath of fresh air, especially for those who crave beats with trap influences. His Soundcloud page is one of the top 200 most active pages on the entire site, meaning people just cannot seem to get enough of his sound, and for good reason. These stats have landed him at #5 on the Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart. He has a huge fan base, with an increase of 1,500 Facebook friends on a weekly basis.

Check out his rendition of Johnny Cash’s Walk the Line below.

2. Seven Lions

This guy is truly one of the most innovative, sought after, and versatile producers in the entire industry. Jeff Montalvo has gained significant recognition by artists like Above and Beyond, Ellie Goulding and Paul Van Dyk, and is single-handedly changing the landscape by bridging together trance and bass music. His intricate and imaginative vibes during his set will have you in a different world. We can promise you have not seen a set quite like the ones curated by Seven Lions.

Check out this Seven Lions remix of Above & Beyond’s “You Got To Go.”

3. Minnesota

Minnesota is truly unique in the sense that the sound of his music breaks away from various sub genres of electronic dance music and sticks more to the origins of of Dubstep and Hip-Hop. He focuses more on the melodic aspect of bass music, creating uplifting sounds that give his music an authentic feel. Now on his fourth year of touring, he’s gained massive support from Bassnectar, Adventure Club, Paper Diamond and many more.

In this collaboration with G Jones called “Be Alright” you can hear the Hip-Hop and Bass elements that have helped cement him as one of the hottest Dubstep producers in the industry.

4. Paper Diamond

Taken under the wing of Pretty Lights Music early in his career, Paper Diamond comes from a quality production blood line and has only continued to refine his production skills over the years. His unique sound of bass driven beats, catchy vocals, and melodies will have you vibing before you can say PLUR. His use of a varied, tech-friendly work space makes every set he performs an experience. A master technician, Paper Diamond utilizes his iPad  to control two computers; one with Ableton to play the music which then sends a signal to the other computer where he can control all the LEDs and live visual elements on stage. This dude is definitely worth circling on your weekend schedule.

Check out his original song “Black Rose.” Guaranteed to give you the feels.

5. Document One

Producers Matt King and Joe Froud have created serious force in the bass music scene. Their ultra harmonic and melodic concepts of club music have created a broad appeal, even for those who aren’t too familiar with electronic music. The two have received recognition from the heavyweights of the industry such as Borgore, Knife Party and more.

Check out this filthy drop from their original track “Glitz N Glamour”.

6. Rusko

Christopher Mercer, the man widely known as Rusko, has set himself apart in the Dubstep world by veering away from the dark, serious side of the sound and giving it more of a fun and upbeat approach. He is a master of recognizing the connection between the dub reggae, garage, and drum and bass scenes, blending the best elements of each style to create an innovative and aurally pleasing sound. Rusko will soon embark on a fall tour and, with the release of his new EP a few weeks ago, you can bet a pretty penny that he will drop some new tracks.

Check out his song “Cockney Thug,” the track that first gained him recognition and forever changed his path.

7. Buku

This Pittsburgh native brings many production skills to the table. His simple and emotive melodies with resounding bass drops and intricate drum patterns make this guy one to watch in the coming months. His EP’s include everything from hip-hop to techno to house, so you never know what to expect. Just know that you will be getting down at this set. The dude has been catching fire, having recently opened for Krewella, among others, and will only continue to blow up.

Check out his track titled “Down” from his Down EP.

8. araabMUZIK

Known as “MVP of the MPC”, araabMUZIK has created some sick tracks. Inspired by people like Dr. Dre, Swizz Beats and Just Blaze, araabMUZIK brings a lot of funk to the EDM scene. He does a great job of producing hard hitting beats with dramatic swings while including elements of piano and synthesizer vamps.

Check out this original track titled “After Hours.”

So there you have it electronic dance music family. 8 performances you must see at Imagine Music Festival.

Who are you excited to see? Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know!

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