How Cannabis Can Improve Your Musical Performances

Wanting to be original is the dream of every music performer and songwriter. The real question here is, how do musicians find the creativity to create so many incredible songs? Sometimes, they encounter obstacles, and it can take a lot of time until they recover and continue their work.

You can imitate a lot of songwriters and producers, but it is not going to last. Everyone experiences performance struggles, so is there a way to improve them effectively? Let’s check it out!

Cannabis Can Help You Focus While Practicing

You should know that various scientific researches have shown that the attention span of today’s man lasts a maximum of 8 seconds. So, should you practice but constantly check social media on your smartphone?

Or do you want to create a new song but can’t find the right energy to start? It is normal to feel a lack of energy and concentration and find it hard to focus, but what if this becomes an everyday problem?

When this happens, musicians try to find ways to improve their focus and concentration and often use the wrong methods. There are natural ways to solve this issue without any side effects. For instance, cannabis can help you focus on your work.

When you vaporize cannabis, for example, by using a dry herb vaporizer, you inhale the vapor, which contains THC and other cannabinoids. These chemicals interact with the endocannabinoid system, connecting different brain areas and helping improve coordination and focus. As a result, vaporizing cannabis can help you play your instrument more accurately and with more expression.

Cannabis Can Help With Stage Fright

Stage freight is a natural phenomenon that can be managed using various strategies. Cannabis and its active ingredients could play an important role within a broader holistic approach. There is a huge potential for using cannabis to treat this condition.

It is a fact that cannabis has been used for hundreds of years as the most effective way to relax. Over the past few decades, modern science has analyzed cannabis and its active ingredients, and the results are very encouraging. While cannabis is commonly associated with paranoia, several components show potential beneficial effects on anxiety symptoms and achieving calmness.

Cannabis Can Improve Your Sense of Time and Rhythm

Cannabis has an amazing effect on the sense of time and rhythm by slowing them down. This is a great way to listen to the rhythm more carefully and with more attention. It allows you to hear parts that you otherwise won’t be able to hear.

What is the endocannabinoid system?

This biological system keeps track of mental processes like pain, memory, and mood. It is reasonable that when this system is engaged, consumers may perceive a more focused mental state due to physiological changes in cognition. You will be able to hear aspects of the music you might not otherwise hear if you can focus your attention.

Cannabis Can Increase Your Creativity

Creativity, as we know it, is a trait that almost exclusively concerns human beings. Our brain can manifest thoughts and ideas in physical reality. According to Maslow’s famous pyramid of needs, this ability places itself at the top of the “pyramid of values” and gives meaning to our lives.

Many artists, painters, and poets are born with vivid imaginations and keen creative abilities they can draw on throughout their lives. Others find their creativity through particular experiences and tools that lead to a change in their way of thinking. But cannabis has proven its effects in increasing creativity in artists, especially musicians, allowing them to create masterpieces.

Cannabis is a Natural Relaxant

The effects induced by the use of cannabis are varied and essentially depend on the percentage of the different molecules present in the preparation and the methods of usage. The main effect is analgesic and relaxing.

This happens because the main substances contained in cannabis interact with endocannabinoid receptors, particularly proteins responsible for regulating pain, appetite, mood, and memory. Under physiological conditions, to regulate these functions, our body produces substances very similar endocannabinoids.


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