8 Life Lessons I Learned As A Groove Cruise Virgin

Words can't begin to describe the madness of Groove Cruise Miami, but we'll give it a try. Photo by Veranmiky.
Words can’t begin to describe the madness of Groove Cruise Miami, but we’ll give it a try. Photo by Veranmiky.

Well, my cherry has officially been popped!

Does anyone else still feel like they’re swaying with the waves, rocking back and forth on the boat? After living The Groove Cruise Miami, I can honestly say nothing will ever be the same again. Having never experienced anything even remotely close to what The Groove Cruise Miami entailed, not only was this an adventure I’ll never forget, but it completely restored my faith in the festival scene and humanity in general.

For those of you who don’t know, The Groove Cruise Miami is a 96-hour nonstop party from start to finish.

The Groove Cruise Miami 2016
Photo via Facebook/The Groove Cruise XII Miami 2016 – Virgins Group Page

From the second you walk on the ship to the moment you walk off, you’re completely immersed in an atmosphere unlike anything that exists in the world of dance music. You enter a world where the music takes over your mind, controls your body, and where the energy is so absolutely positive, you radiate good vibes like the sun radiates ultraviolet. It’s a place where everybody is united and welcomed into a family; a place where unbreakable bonds and everlasting friendships are made. From sunrise to sundown and vice versa, memories are created and friendships established that will last forever.

Here are 8 things I learned being a Groove Cruise virgin:

Anything Goes

Dada Life on The Groove Cruise Miami 2016
Dada Life gets it. Photo by Veranmiky via Facebook/The Groove Cruise

Unspeakable things happen on The Groove Cruise and on board The Norwegian Pearl is where they shall remain. From excessive bottle popping to random hookups to complete nakedness, you’re bound to witness and experience things you’d never even think to imagine in everyday life.

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, but Las Vegas has nothing on The Groove Cruise.

Imagine being locked in a hotel where the music never stops, drinks never cease flowing, and everyone is happy and positive. The Groove Cruise is a place to let loose and lose yourself. No matter what you see, do, or say, The Groove Cruise Fam’ has got your back and won’t let any of the crazy, out-of-the-ordinary behavior come back to haunt you.

We will however, hold on to the memories and remind you of them next year.

Pace Yourself

Michael Woods with fans
Patron for breakfast with Michael Woods. Photo by Andrew Dolan via Facebook/Andrew Dolan Photography

This refers to partying as much as it does with managing your finances. With 5 days and 96 hours of nonstop, over-the-top madness, you definitely need to pace yourself. You don’t want to go too hard too fast because you will quickly burn out.

Pace yourself so you can enjoy the entire trip and not just the first two or three days.

Go With the Flow

Dash Berlin
The theater stage. Photo by The Poselski Brothers via Facebook/Poselski Brothers

If you arrive with a plan or an agenda, you may as well throw that overboard the second you get on the ship.

No matter how hard you try to follow an agenda, nothing ever goes according to plan. Sure, you’ll want to know who is playing where and at what time, but as we learned from the rain this year, things are subject to change and are never really set in stone.

Don’t fret, don’t plan, and definitely don’t worry. Just go with the flow, rock with the waves, and let the good times roll.

Talk to Everybody

Kristina Sky, Darude, Orla Feeney
The Groove Cruise Fam’. Photo by Andrew Dolan via Facebook/Andrew Dolan Photography

You never know who you’re going to meet on The Groove Cruise, so talk to everybody. From industry professionals to DJs to foreign travelers, you’re bound to meet some of the coolest, friendliest and wildest people in the industry.

Since everyone is on the same boat, eating the same food, and partying in the same places, it’s the perfect time to network and connect with people you’d probably never have the chance of meeting anywhere else.

Was that Dash Berlin filling his plate with bacon at 2:00 AM? You bet your ass it was.

Special shout out to Jason Beukema, Rafi Leibowitz, Peter Rico, Ryan Fitz, Jake Campbell, The infamous T-Rex, all the DJs, and the entire Whet Travel team for making this such a unique and life-changing experience!

Remember to “Washy Washy”

Groove Cruise Food
Don’t forget to washy washy. Photo by Andrew Dolan via Facebook/Andrew Dolan Photography

Okay, really though; How awesome was “washy washy”?

Aside from just saying “washy washy,” every time you walked into the 12th story buffet, the staff kept our hands clean and sanitized. This is probably the most important yet highly-underrated factor of the ship. With all the alcohol on board, it’s crucial to stay hydrated, remember to eat and – of course – stay clean and keep your hands sanitized.

Get Creative

The Groove Cruise Miami TRex
This legend. Photo by Andrew Dolan via Facebook/Andrew Dolan Photography

Two theme parties a day create the platform to get creative with uniquely eccentric outfits. With judgment left behind at the port, you can literally get away with just about anything (hence, anything goes). The costumes were one of the best things to witness during the duration of the cruise.

Not to mention, Alejandro Raul Rios who deserves a statue on the ship, after dressing up as the T-Rex. You will forever be the official, unofficial mascot of The Groove Cruise Miami 2016.

Be You. Be Free

Let loose on The Groove Cruise
Don’t forget to brush. Photo by Veranmiky via Facebook/The Groove Cruise

Above all, The Groove Cruise is the perfect place to be yourself and escape reality.

Leave your worries and responsibilities on land because nothing else matters besides connecting through music. Not having wireless service and disconnecting from the outside world was a welcomed escape from everyday life. Not once did I worry about or even want to check my email. All who mattered were my fellow Groove Cruisers immersing themselves in the experience right next to me.

I wasn’t even concerned about finding people on the ship because, even though the vessel is enormous, it’s still small enough to run into and find your friends… eventually.

Reality Sucks

Wish you were here on The Groove Cruise
Photo by Andrew Dolan via Facebook / Andrew Dolan Photography

After 5 days of dancing our bodies off, the only better part about being home is sleeping in our own beds. However, after awakening from that inevitable sleep coma, reality sets in and it sure was (still is) hard to acclimate.

Memories play on repeat in our brains like a movie and all we want – more than anything – is to turn back time and experience it all over again.

The Groove Cruise is an adventure like no other – one that’s almost impossible to describe in words and something that every EDM fan needs to experience.

A floating mecca, Groove Cruise Miami redefined what a music festival can be and adds a new perspective to how they should be. Sure, three day music festivals are great, but until you’ve immersed yourself on a cruise ship, allowed yourself to let loose and be free from reality, and danced until the sunrise with so many like-minded people, there’s really nothing else like it.

spiritill groove cruise
The SpiritILL squad spreads love and light at Bamboo Beach Club in Jamaica. Photo by Veranmiky.

The atmosphere is so positive and welcoming, you really do become part of a family. I can say that, without a doubt, this was the best festival experience I’ve ever had in my life and I can’t wait to go next year!

Thank you so much Groove Cruise Fam’ for such an amazing and unforgettable experience.

Be sure to checkout the thatDROP.com aftermovie and official 2016 post-cruise teaser below.

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