Groove Cruise Cabo Will Be the World’s Longest Electronic Floating Festival

Groove Cruise Cabo will be the World’s Longest Electronic Floating Festival, with music pumping for 120 hours straight, as we cruise from San Diego on October 28th – November 2nd.

Taking in ten sunrises and sunsets over the course of five nights GC Cabo will be an adventure like no other. GC Cabo will dock overnight in Cabo San Lucas on October 30, allowing passengers to debark and explore, while also offering up a private beach and night time parties on the sands and in the clubs of this luxurious Mexican beach metropolis.

2000 dance music lovers, 120 non-stop hours, 40+ DJs, 10+ party experiences, day and night parties in the stunning Cabo San Lucas, and a massive 12-story cruise ship awaits.

The Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Lineup
The Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Lineup

Groove Cruise Cabo offers a unique and diverse lineup ranging from progressive house to tech house to trance. No matter where you go or who you see, you’re guaranteed a great time aboard the new and improve Norwegian Sun cruise liner.

With the floating festival coinciding with Halloween, The GCFam will be going in full force with their costuming efforts making sure not to miss a beat of holiday spirit.

Watch the Groove Cruise Cabo 2016 Trailer below:

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