Gareth Emery Releases 2014 Album Tracklist

Gareth Emery has taken to Twitter to release the tracks off his upcoming 2014 album.

The English born Trance/House DJ promised to stay away from ‘mainstream EDM’ and true to his style back in October, stating:

…my upcoming 2014 album will not feature trap, dubstep, drops or “that sound” we’ve heard in about 10000 EDM tracks this year.

Don’t get me wrong – I like “bangers” and have played my fair share of them, especially at festivals when they’re pretty fun, but that isn’t the musical direction I am going in right now.

It’s all about melody & songs. In a variety of styles.

Emery’s second LP includes collaborations Christina Novelli, Ben Gold, Krewella, and his sister, Roxanne Emery.

Drive is set to be released April 1, 2014. See the track list below:










Listed out:

  1. Entrada
  2. Dynamite (ft. Christina Novelli)
  3. Eye of the Storm (ft. Gavin Beach)
  4. Javelin (ft. Ben Gold)
  5. Beautiful Rage (ft. LJ Ayrten)
  6. Million Years (ft. Asia Whiteacre)
  7. Firebird
  8. Soldier (ft. Roxanne Emery)
  9. Lights & Thunder (ft. Krewella)
  10. U (ft. Bo Bruce)
  11. Long Way Home
  12. Layers [Bonus Track]
  13. Drive (Continuous Mix)

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