Calvin Harris Dominates Highest Paid DJ’s List

highest paid djs 2014
Forbes Electronic Cash Kings

For the second year in a row, Forbes has claimed Scottish producer Calvin Harris as the highest paid DJ in the world. Shocked? We certainly aren’t. The guy has talent.

On Tuesday, Forbes released its annual “Electric Cash Kings” list which evaluates which DJ’s all over the world get paid the most. Last year his earnings stood at $46 million, but this year have risen to $66 million, thanks to gigs like Coachella and residencies in Las Vegas.

EDM gigs aside, Harris is one of the most sought after producers in all of pop music, having created music for Rihanna, among others.

Trailing Calvin Harris is David Guetta at number two with Avicii, Tiesto and Steve Aoki follow close behind; but even though David Guetta sits in the number two spot, his earnings are only at $30 million, less than half of what Harris pulled in last year. Must be nice huh?

Speaking to his good fortunes, Harris stated:

The rise of dance music has been astronomical in the last three years. I happened to be in the right place at the right time.

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photo credit: Drew “Rukes” Ressler via photopin cc

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