Experience Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas With EDC Curated

EDC Week 2014
EDC Curated

Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas is an unparalleled experience that cannot be duplicated or put in to context until you attend yourself.

In addressing the million dollar question as to whether or not EDC should be streamed live, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella extensively considered the feedback of Headliners around the world. The solution?

Introducing EDC Curated.

Rotella explains:

As many of you know, I’ve gone back and forth about whether or not we should jump into the world of “live-streaming.” Some of you welcome the idea, but others are very much opposed to broadcasting the EDC experience outside of the Speedway. I hear your feedback and I totally get it. In the end, I think we all know that nothing can duplicate the feeling of being surrounded by 140,000 other smiling faces, dancing until the sun comes up in the desert sky. A live stream just cannot capture that. If anything, it dilutes the experience and gives you a false perception that you’ve “been there and done that.” That’s why we’re doing EDC Curated.

I look at live streams as a passive way of experiencing something incredibly active and exciting. EDC Curated is NOT a live stream. Our goal is to give Headliners across the globe a look behind the scenes and into the crazy, wonderful world that is EDC Las Vegas, and that’s so much more than just DJ sets and crowd cut-aways. Everyone from our stilt walkers to our stage designers has a unique story to tell. The circuitGROUNDS, the cosmicMEADOW, the neonGARDEN, the kineticFIELD, the bassCON stage—they all have a story. YOU have a story.

Even though thousands and thousands of people are going to experience EDC Vegas in person, there are countless others around the world who aren’t able to attend. We want to give those who can’t be there a glimpse behind the curtain; an exclusive broadcast that will only be shown this weekend. Hopefully they’ll be the ones welcoming the sunrise in 2015.

Featuring 50 cameras capturing various angles throughout the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, EDC Curated offers 10 camera feed options that will allow electronic dance music fans around the world to witness EDC like never before.

Sponsored by 7UP, EDC Curated will be broadcast live Friday, June 21 through Sunday, June 23 from 8:30 PM until 8:30 AM.

Tune in to Insomniac.com to catch the live broadcast and be part of the magic that is Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2014.

Watch the official EDC Curated trailer below.

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