18 of Our Favorite Totems From Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando

music festival totems
Photo via Facebook/Insomniac Events

Pasquale Rotella and Insomniac Events always ensure that catering to the experience of the attendees is the main priority.

From production and performances to event management and every little detail in between, Insomniac events run like a well oiled machine.

The headliners are a huge part of that. Pasquale and his crew understand that the experience is about the people. Funny signs and creative totems are just one of the countless ways that attendees contributed to the overall festival vibe. Creativity was not in short supply with the headliners attending Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando.

From stage to stage, creative signs and banners waved with pride and brought smiles to faces throughout the crowd.

Click below to see our 18 favorite totems from Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando.

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