3 Nuances That Make EDC Orlando Special

From the StereoBLOOM, neonGARDEN, kineticFIELD and circuitGROUNDS stages to Kaskade‘s or Adventure Club‘s sunset set, there are a lot of intricacies to EDC Orlando 2019 that are fun to know more about. Let’s take a closer look at the party brands, stage takeovers and other nuances that make this year’s run special.

neonGARDEN photo credit EDC Orlando 2019
circuitGROUNDS photo credit EDC Orlando 2019

1. Drumcode:

Drumcode is the Swedish born techno label founded by Adam Beyer. The signature drumcode sound is built of booming bass and funk-based techno beats. A Drumcode Festival is held every year and DC events can be found throughout the underground scene. The labels future focused ethos, makes it exciting stay up with their latest releases. The most recent banger out the studio comes from an Irish DJ, Rebuke with his track ‘Rattle’.


2. Discovery Project:

Insomniac’s Discovery Project was created to give a voice to emerging artists in the electronic music world. Aimed at cultivating the scene’s untapped talent, the platform strives to bring today’s fresh faces to light through editorial exposure, performance competitions, and a unique artist collective.

Selected Discovery Project participants are given an opportunity to showcase their talent onstage at multiple Insomniac festivals across the country. Online, our content portal provides valuable news and opinions geared to creators of all calibers, while the artist collective highlights the work and achievements of past and present Discovery artists.

Make sure to show your love to the rising talent this year at EDC Orlando 2019. Winners will be annouced soon. Ducka Shan was just announced the winner for Insomniac’s Psycho Circus Discovery Project, try him out by downloading his The Chainsmokers remix for free and head to Discovery Project’s soundcloud to listen to more new talent.

3. Bassrush:

Party brands Factory 93, Bassrush, and Insomniac Music Group will be curating stages. We highly recommend the high-octane Bassrush experience. Bassrush is one of Insomniac’s sub-brands that focuses solely on bass music. The only goal of Bassrush is to provide a platform to showcase bass music the way it should be: with huge sound systems and minimized production.

Be ready for a wild Excision set and to dance yourself into a wicked weggie.

photo credit Bassrush

Beyond these 3 nuances you will have to find the surreal experience of Green Velvet’s La La Land and learn 8 ways EDC Orlando 2019 will be stronger than everTickets are still available.

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