Introspection from Duke Dumont at The Mission Ballroom

Duke Dumont at The Mission Ballroom in Denver, Colorado was a celebration of life, friendship, house music and a new generation of dance music.  Backed by a towering light board and tsunamis of lights and lasers, Duke bounced from his synth stacked with powerful vocals and room filling notes to his analog set up to bring the energy of the 4,000 person venue sky high. Duke’s sound brought proper raves vibes with people dancing freely, in a blanket of trust.

Duke Dumont The Mission Ballroom 2022

From green light to red light, Duke Dumont brought the sensual heat while tweaking out his live performance with progressive elements and fresh drops.  Favorite tracks of the night include Duke Dumont’s collaboration with Channel Tres ‘Alter Ego’, ‘Obey’ of his latest album, Duality, and his ‘Ocean Drive’ with those classic lyrics that evoke the journey within, “don’t say a word while we dance with the devil, You brought a fire to a world so cold, We’re out of time on the highway to never…”

It is fair to say that Dumont’s tip-pity, top-notch set accounted for each person dancing off an estimated of 1600 calories, while the supporting artists Josh Fedz, Option4 (Hot Boy Records) and Will Clarke (All We Have Is Now) definitely contributed to the Turkey burn with remarkable unidentifiable records, among tasteful favorites.

To discover more about the artists from this night-to-remember read our program notes and listen to our event playlist.

For the rest of December you can catch the Duke Dumont tsunami tonight, December 2nd, under his residency at ZOUK Nightclub in Las Vegas, at Decadence Arizona and Exchange LA NYE Weekend.

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