Dillon Francis Puts A Hilarious Spin On His ‘Meow That’s What I Call Dillon Francis! 69’ Compilation

If you aren’t a fan of Dillon Francis or don’t know who he is, you will be now. Francis released a new compilation prior to the release of new album to gain some audience captivation. The compilation titled “Meow That’s What I Call Dillon Francis! 69” puts a fun twist on the expression used for the famous NOW! Cd’s that have been releasing for over a decade. The tracks include some of Francis’ classics, including Masta Blasta, Get Low ft. DJ Snake and I.D.G.A.F.O.S.

“Don’t call the number below, this is 2014 you idiots.”

The compilation is available on the Dillon Francis website here.

And even greater than the compilation is the official infomercial.

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