Diesel Unveils Explosive Album on Monstercat, Gorilla Warfare

Basketball legend turned electronic music sensation, Shaquille O’Neal, better known as DIESEL, is about to detonate the music scene with GORILLA WARFARE, releasing on Monstercat. Setting this album ablaze is not just DIESEL’s distinctive flavor but the collective genius of a diverse array of collaborators, each contributing their unique touch to every single track, defining a new era in bass music.

DIESEL shares on the new album: “Dubstep has always been an escape for me. I’ve grown to learn how important this community is, and I hope my album (GORILLA WARFARE) is proof of that. Working with Crankdat, Jessica Audiffred, Hairitage and Celo was an incredible experience. Together we created some of the hardest hitting bangers and after over 2 years in the making, we are all so proud of this body of work. We cannot wait for the world to listen to GORILLA WARFARE.

photo credit Gina Joy for HARD Summer 2023

O’Neal’s relationship with music isn’t new; he’s been intertwining rhythm with his life since his youth. While many remember his iconic NBA career, true fans recognize the artist within, who has always found solace in beats and basslines. This album is an ode to his evolution, reflecting the deep resonances of dubstep that, as he puts it, “will continue to run through my veins.”

GORILLA WARFARE promises an intense sonic journey, paying homage to DIESEL’s hip-hop origins while propelling listeners into the raw energy of dubstep. DIESEL’s unique sound is rooted in his diverse experiences, and this album encapsulates his rich history, from spinning in the locker room to producing tracks that shake the very grounds of festivals worldwide.

The album showcases a convergence of talents that promises to take listeners on an unmatched sonic journey. Jessica Audiffred, celebrated for “shaking up the bass scene with her explosive productions” by Forbes, adds her sought-after bass and trap genius to “NO FEAR.” This powerhouse from Mexico City, who has rocked stages from EDC to Lost Lands, amplifies the album’s energy. The gear-centric Crankdat, aka Christian Smith, brings his diverse palette that’s garnered billions of streams, to “HEAT,” ensuring festival dominance. He’s a creative force, with everything from design to animation crafted from his genius. The bearded spectacle, Hairitage, notorious for his unique blend of hip-hop-infused dubstep, infuses “BANG YOUR HEAD” with the vibrant energy that has made him a standout amidst the pandemic.

The collaborative spirit does not stop there. GORILLA WARFARE also features CELO (“WARFARE”), VRG & Blackway (“WATCH UR BACK”), Soltan (“ROMANY ADVENTURES”), Kompany (“MIDDLE FU”), TRXGGX (“KXLLA”), Rated R (“WARZONE”), and Chassi & Kozmoz (“HIT EM LIKE”), each bringing their own brand of musical mastery. This array of talent, when combined with DIESEL’s unmistakable force, ensures that GORILLA WARFARE isn’t just an album; it’s an experience.

DIESEL is no stranger to the live circuit. He kicked off his packed SUMMER OF BASS tour at Forbidden Kingdom in June, followed by dominating festival performances at Lollapalooza, Tomorrowland, EDC Las Vegas, Outside Lands, and more. He’ll round out his massive summer run with his very own Shaq’s Bass All Stars Festival, taking place at Panther Island Pavilion on September 16. The event features a self-curated by Shaq himself lineup including Alison Wonderland, Sullivan King, Crankdat, Kai Wachi, and more. 

From the lights of the NBA to the limelight of electronic music festivals, DIESEL’s story is one of relentless passion and pursuit of rhythm. Now, he conquers the world of bass music with an unmatched zeal.

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