deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner Reunite for ‘Chanel 43’

Legendary Canadian artist deadmau5 teams up with his friend Wolfgang Gartner on a long-anticipated hit, “Chanel 43”. News broke in early December that two of them were coming together again, and fans could not have been more excited. It’s been over seven years since the original release of “Chanel 42“, a smash with over 2 million views on YouTube alone.

Chanel 43” is a track with hints of funk and a thick baseline that carries throughout. The original mix is a whopping 8-minute instrumental that is filled with tons of breakdowns and a truly amazing use of the synth. Hints of Chanel 42 bleed through to the new mix, and you can tell they drew a lot of inspiration from it. The most impressive part of the song its subtle buildup throughout. The song starts you off slow, and throughout the entire 8 minutes, it continuously adds pace to keep you hooked.

In July of last year, deadmau5 released a great song, “Pomegranate” feat. The Neptunes. In addition to that, he also dropped “Bridged By a Lightwave” feat. Kiesza. Both songs are a new vibe for Mau5 that seems to be a unique new style that he is going for. Wolfgang also released two songs, “Electric Soul” and “Battle-Stations” with Kill the Noise.

deadmau5 and Wolfgang Gartner have been working together for over a decade, and their first collaboration, “Animal Rights”, will have its 11th anniversary this year. As a community, we are so thankful these two came back to bless us once more with a fantastic song.

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