Boris Brejcha Takes Listeners on a Ride with Stellar New Album ‘Space Diver’

Renowned German DJ and producer Boris Brejcha has unveiled his hotly anticipated new album ‘Space Diver‘, out now via Ultra Music.

Boris Brejcha
Photo via Boris Brejcha

Space Diver‘ is an epic, emotionally-charged journey, rich with atmospheric soundscapes in which Brejcha masterfully guides the listener through an array of terrain. Boasting 12 otherworldly tracks, the album opens with last summer’s hit ‘Gravity’, a melodic techno roller featuring vocals from Berlin-based singer-songwriter Laura Korinth.

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Fans are sure to recognize the proceeding tracks, including previously released singles ‘Happinezz’ (feat. Ginger), ‘Never Look Back’, and ‘Lieblingsmensch’ before Brejcha kicks things up a notch with titular track, ‘Space Diver’. Ginger (Brejcha’s frequent collaborator and real-life lover) then makes another appearance on the four-on-the-floor track ‘To The Moon And Back’.

Brejcha’s experimental production style shines throughout the latter half of the album, as demonstrated by the ambient nature of ‘Blue Lake’ and ‘Kittys Journey’ juxtaposed with the grittier, high-octane sounds on ‘Take It Smart’ and ‘The Troublemakerz’. ‘Space Diver’ closes out with ‘Game Over’, an expertly-crafted slice of Brejcha’s self-coined ‘High-Tech Minimal’ genre, with the album finding that sweet spot between energetic club cuts and relaxed home listening.

With major festival headline slots at Movement Detroit, OFFSonar, EXIT Festival, Sea You Festival, and more to be announced, 2020 is shaping up to be Brejcha’s biggest year yet.

The release of ‘Space Diver sees Boris Brejcha further cement his reputation as one of the most skillful and celebrated artists in electronic music.

Boris Brejcha
Photo via Boris Brejcha FB

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