Beyond Wonderland Fashion 101

We’re inching closer and closer to the much anticipated weekend filled with fun at Insomniac‘s iconic Beyond Wonderland 2022 SoCal.  So you got your ticket, now you’re probably starting to think “what the heck do I wear?!” Well we’re here to provide you with the inspiration you need to put together the perfect fit.  Check out some of these awesome Headliner looks.

Shoes –
Wear something functional and comfortable to dance and walk in for long periods of time! Yes, fashion is a must, but let me tell you first hand, losing a toenail from dancing too hard in the wrong shoes is never a good time! Break in your new shoes before hand! While Nos Center 95% flat, its asphalt and cement, the hard ground is hard on your body!

Be colorful! –
Beyond Wonderland is a very colorful festival with lots of opportunities for neon and bright colors to GLOW! Let that funky fella inside you shine! All the colors all at once! Let your imagination run wild!

Bring some layers! –
Be sure to keep an eye on the weather as we become a few days out. San Bernardino is known for being hot during the day and chilly at night! Bring something warm! You may even want to break out your fur! If you don’t want to carry your coat around until its needed, you can rent a locker to keep it safe in! Keep in mind, it’s hot in the crowd but that walk out of the venue will be brisk! Especially if you’re sweaty from dancing! If you forget your coat, the merch booth will have something to warm you up!

Accessories make every outfit! Break out your sparkles! Break out your light up things! Wear those cat ears and top hats! Beyond Wonderland is a great opportunity to freely express yourself and all your strange quirks!


If you haven’t gotten your ticket yet be sure to hop on it soon! Find tickets HERE.

Don’t forget your smile! See you there!