Mysteryland 2014 Bethel Woods

Mysteryland US

The first edition of Mysteryland USA kicks off Memorial Day Weekend and is set to take over Bethel Woods, New York.

Taking place at the same grounds as the legendary 1969 Woodstock, Mysteryland is primed to be one of the most legendary electronic dance music festivals of our generation.

There have been numerous criticisms by outsiders regarding electronic dance music and the EDM community by outsiders.

People that don’t understand the experience. People that don’t understand the feeling that the music brings.

People that don’t appreciate the escape that music festivals and electronic dance music offer. People that have, most likely, not experienced it for themselves.

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Mysteryland is our Woodstock.

It’s not just about the venue, though that energy is sure to resonate with the thousands that descend upon Bethel Woods over Memorial Day Weekend. It’s about the peace, love, unity, and respect that propel a community of music lovers on the forefront of the EDM movement.

Headliner Kaskade echoes this sentiment as eloquently as anyone:

Electronic music is having a moment. And we are living in it. During the original Woodstock, Rock [music] was still cutting its teeth on pop culture. Like electronic music now, it was mired in tales of rampant drug use and accused of having little musical merit. It terrified the Moral Authority, with its’ sexuality and racial mixing. And music critics went crazy describing the act of plugging in an electric guitar as simple and crude, a violation of the heritage of the past. The parallels between where we are now and what was happening back in the late 60’s can’t be ignored.

And those that will be attending Mysteryland are definitely not ignoring it.

Mysteryland 2014 offers the ideal platform for the culmination of music, production, community, history, and experience.

With over 20 years of music festival experience under its’ belt, Mysteryland is finally migrating over to the United States and bringing its’ legendary reputation with it.

Though it has taken place strictly in the Netherlands for the majority of its’ existence, Dutch promoters ID&T expanded to Chile in 2011 and are finally bringing it stateside after their 2013 acquisition of SFX Entertainment.

The same company behind Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, Electric Zoo, Creamfields, Q-dance, Sensation, and more, SFX Entertainment has reiterated its’ intention of creating the ultimate music festival experience. Well it seems like their mission is well on its’ way to being accomplished.

With just two days until one of the biggest festivals of the summer, we take a look at 8 reasons Mysteryland 2014 will blow you away.

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