8 Awesome EDM Tracks You May Have Missed

Living in a world where it’s easy to access almost anything imaginable with the touch of a finger, it can be hard to keep track of everything that’s flying through our news feeds everyday.

With new music being released left and right on so many different platforms, it’s impossible to listen to all of the great mixes and mashups out there.

So what did you miss in the great SoundCloud Sea?

We’ve done some digging and compiled 8 awesome tracks that you may have missed, and we hope you like them. They cover a wide variety of genres, and represent a lot of different areas under the gigantic umbrella of electronic music.

Michael Marra – Zedd vs. Alesso & Ingrosso (Stay Calling the Night)

8 Awesome Tracks You May Have Missed
Photo – Michael Marra – Facebook.

Michael Marra is a DJ who hails from Boston, Massachusetts, and he’s been churning out some awesome mixes and mashups for quite awhile now. There are a lot of remixes and mashups of this particular Zedd song out there, but this one brings something different to the table. Marra takes the euphoric vibes from the each of the mashed up tracks and elevates them to a new, uplifting level. You might think you’ve landed in heaven. Take a moment and vibe to one of the most feel-good mashups you will ever hear.

Isosine – Poetic

8 Awesome Tracks You May Have Missed
Photo – Isosine – Facebook.

This track simultaneously pulls from the worlds of pop and rap, laying the mixture over a beautiful bed of lullaby-like instrumentals. With this mashup, Isosine gives us a track that you can relax to, drive to, slow dance to – anything that gives you that chill and nostalgic feeling.

Seawaves – Hello

8 Awesome Tracks You May Have Missed
Photo – Seawaves – Facebook.

If Blink 182 came out with an electronic dance music track, this is probably what it would sound like. Take a moment to let yourself melt away into the soothing synths and effortlessly paired vocals that just might appease our love of punk rock 2000’s sounds. Similar to Isosine’s “Poetic”, this is a great track for those nights when you’re feeling nostalgic and just want to chill out with your friends.

The Blvck Hvnd – Gangster

8 Awesome Tracks You May Have Missed
Photo – The Blvck Hvnd – Facebook

Taking the trap road, The Blvck Hvnd throws it down with this mix of big band trap music. Big band and “Goodfellas” samples, what more could you possibly want in a track? Dirty beats paired with the old-school of swagger of big brass instrumentals, this song is one of a kind. Just listening to this will have the worlds of your inner trap king/queen and mafia prince/princess collide for a crazy ride of swagged out swing.

DJ Topsider – Automatic (B.o.B., T.I. & Juicy J x NYMZ)

DJ Topsider takes us on a trippy trappy journey with some of the more popular rap and hip hop tracks in this mix. Hearing each track blended in a smooth and awesome mix that will result in only one thing: head bobbing. DJ Topsider has given us some awesome mixes in the past, but this one takes the cake.

Jus Deelax, Prosdo – Melbourne Morning

8 Awesome Tracks You May Have Missed
Jus Deelax & Prosdo – Melbourne Morning (Original Mix).

This track is one of those chill bangers that makes it impossible to sit still when listening. Jus Deelax, the minimal techno DJ from Australia brings it with this track – building it up and dropping us into fast paced techno without taking away from “Melbourne Morning’s” laid back vibe. If you want something to groove to without going too crazy, toss this track on your next playlist.

Marshvll ft. Sevnty – Eight

8 Awesome Tracks You May Have Missed
Photo – Marshvll – Facebook.

Marshvll & Sevnty are doing some crazy things with this track that make it unlike anything you have ever heard before. It’s almost like Lord of The Rings takes a field trip to the trap house. With such unexpected movements, it’s one of those songs that you play for your friends just to watch their face melt.

Steve Aoki – I’m In The House (R3hab 2012 Remix)

8 Awesome Tracks You May Have Missed
R3hab at Coachella. Photo – R3hab – Facebook.

We all know Steve Aoki and his big room bangers, but this remix track struck us differently. Perhaps it’s because it was released a few years ago before the big boom of EDM in the United States, and the original music of well-known DJs was quite different. Regardless, it’s a glimpse into what the EDM scene used to be like, and we love the nostalgia factor.

Did we miss any? Let us know what your favorite lesser-known tracks are in the comments!

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