7 Reasons You Should Experience Electric Daisy Carnival New York

If you haven’t noticed or you’ve been spending all of your time buried in school or work, summer is just around the corner. Now that relaxation and celebration of another year come and gone is right at your fingertips, you should totally do something about it.

We think that that something should definitely involve you, your friends, and The Big Apple at the 2015 Electric Daisy Carnival.

The Lineup

edc new york 2015 lineup

Memorial Day Weekend is chock full of festivals across the United States this year which could have made your decision a seriously tough one. With such major events like Counterpoint, Electric Daisy Carnival New York, and Mysteryland all happening at once, you might expect the lineups to be relatively even in terms of strength. The Electric Daisy Carnival New York lineup, however, still soars beyond the rest as Pasquale Rotella and his team often does.

What more could you ask for? Both days are absolutely packed with artists from a wide variety of dance music subgenres that makes it almost impossible to have anything short of a stellar experience. In partnership with Pacha this year, this weekend in the Meadowlands will be unforgettable when it comes to talent, presentation, and of course the insane after parties.

Insomniac Never Disappoints

music festival totems
Photo via Facebook – Insomniac Events

Choose from the circuitGROUNDSkineticFIELD, cosmicMEADOW, and neonGARDEN stages for some of the most insane aesthetics you could possibly imagine. The cathedral themed mainstage will be making an appearance once again, so make sure you experience its holy presence if you haven’t before.

Pasquale and the Insomniac team does not stop at the amazing stages of Electric Daisy Carnival either. Become one with others under the electric sky as you intertwine with the many talents of performers, dancers, and art that are carefully selected and created. Need proof? Check out their “Experience” page here!

The Rides and Art Will Blow Your Mind

rides at edc
Photo via Facebook – Electric Daisy Carnival

Need we say more? There are few things in this world that feel better than carnival rides spent listening to your favorite music with adoring fans and sharing such incredible creativity with the beautiful minds around you.

At Electric Daisy Carnival New York, you will find beauty and fun everywhere you turn. Why not take advantage of this escape from reality with friends that will love it just as much as you do?

How Else Would You Kick Off Summer 2015?

Photo via Facebook – Electric Daisy Carnival

The 2015 festival season got underway with festivals like Buku followed by Ultra and Miami Music Week, but we have all been itching to really get back into the full swing of things.

Electric Daisy Carnival New York takes place on Memorial Day Weekend (May 23-24) of 2015- as just the precursor to a summer of madness with festivals like Wakarusa, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, Electric Forest, and many more.

Whether you have just graduated high school or college and you’re ready to celebrate or you can feel the summer freedom start to round the corner, this is best way to do it. Dancing, jumping, screaming, and most importantly- creating memories that will last a lifetime with people that matter the most.

It’s New York

What better place for an Insomniac Event than the place referred to as “The City that Never Sleeps?” The place was built to accommodate travelers from all over the world, making your stay an effortless one. The festival grounds may be held in the state of New Jersey, but the partnership with Pacha will have you all over the best parts of the tri-state area with both pre and after parties at the most exclusive party spots.

To find out more about the events surrounding Electric Daisy Carnival New York, head on over to Pacha’s calendar page for all of the ticketing information you may need.

EDC Gives Back

insomniac dontations
Photo via Insomniac Events

As much of the electronic dance music community is devoted to the love and acceptance of others, those behind Electric Daisy Carnival take it a step further in giving back to the community that has taken them in with open arms.

Insomniac Events’ Charitable Giving Initiative makes giving back a priority by awarding $1 per ticket purchase and $10 per guest list name to good causes. In doing so, they donated over $200,000 to local needs in New York last year.

Keep the magic going by grabbing a ticket to Electric Daisy Carnival here and giving to such wonderful causes!

We’ve Got You Covered

Courtesy of Insomniac Events, there is now the perfect playlist in place on SoundCloud to pump you and all of your friends up for an amazingly unforgettable weekend under the electric sky. Listen below as you plan outfits and the like via our Pinterest Page!

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