6 Festival Essentials That Will Make Your Life Easier

To all the ravers out there; as much as we all love our festivals, we know they come with a few struggles every now and again. Here are some festival essentials that’ll make your life a little easier when things get rough.

Dry Shampoo

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As you know, most festivals don’t have showers, so it can get a little grimy. If you run out of hats or bandannas to wear and your hair looks pretty greasy, try dry shampoo. It won’t clean it completely, but it will make it look a lot better. Try Pssssst Instant Spray Shampoo, it sells for around $6 at your local pharmacy.


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Portable Phone Charger

It’s inevitable…your phone WILL die. And when phones die, we all know it’s very hard to find your friends and take pictures. Take a solar powered portable phone charger because it’s a slim enough to fit in your back and doesn’t require a wall outlet. It’ll give your phone a pretty fast charge and should last a couple days.They range anywhere from $15-$75 depending on the quality of the charger.


Waterproof Bag

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Waterproof bags are lifesavers if the weather isn’t cooperating. Even if you store your items in a backpack, the backpack can still get wet, and therefore all your things will get soaked. The handles on bags like these are also convenient to carry because you can sling them over your shoulder. Bags come in large sizes like these, or you can buy smaller ones that are better for portable essentials.


Shower wipes

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These things are brilliant, right? Seeing as showers are a distant wish, shower wipes will at least make you feel clean for the time being. Bring a couple packs so you can give some to your friends as well. You’ll thank each other. This package of wipes runs for about $3.


Fanny pack

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When you’re out and about, dancing and jumping up and down all day, it’s annoying to have a big backpack flopping behind you. Take a fanny pack and put it around your waist with essentials, like cash, phone, lip balm, etc. You’ll feel a lot more free and will also be more aware if someone tries to take something from you. If you plan on bringing water, a bigger Camelbak might be better — but double check the festival’s rules, because some do not allow Camelbaks.



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If you’re camping, this is especially great. Carrying all of your things in a wagon will save you a huge amount of time, as well as help keep everything organized. Campsites are often far from the parking lots, so making multiple trips without one will wear you out. Wagons can be pretty expensive, so check local garage sales or ask a friend before you go and buy a new one.


Feeling prepared yet? Trust us, these will make your life a lot easier!

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