10 Must Have Items for Music Festival Season

Music festival season is upon us which means unforgettable memories, (mostly) unhealthy decisions, copious amounts of debauchery, and new relationships that will leave an impact on your life for your remaining years.

Here are ten must have items that will ensure that you are not miserable while making you look like a seasoned music festival veteran.

Ferris Wheel

Camelbak Hydration Pack

Festival-goers Hydrate at a Free Refill Station

Most, if not all, music festivals offer free water refill stations. Those that do not have started to as they realize that it saves them from liability. With free refill stations readily available and the fact that no one likes to pay 5-7 dollars per 20 ounce bottle of water, it is highly recommended to invest in a Camelbak Hydration Pack.

The standard hydration pack holds 50 ounces of water and is so light you will hardly notice it is there. Other options are available up to 100 ounces.

If you are planning on getting out of line to purchase 20 clunky water bottles that you will have to carry at 5 dollars a pop ($100 just in water!) over the course of a three day weekend, you might as well just invest $39 in a lightweight backpack that you will hardly even notice.

Plus, the guy with the Camelbak is always the most popular guy in the crowd.

Fanny Pack

When it comes to dressing yourself for a full day of raging in the summer sun, athletic shorts and tank tops are the way to go. The catch twenty-two is that wearing athletic shorts increases the risks you will lose things from your pockets.

Problem solved. Invest in a fanny pack. Trust me. This is the best festival investment I have ever made. It allows you to pack away your credit card, ID, cash, and phone without having to think twice about it. We are all there to get weird any way. Nothing better accessory than a fanny pack.


Sunglasses are crucial. With the likely lack of sleep you are already experiencing as a result of multi-day raging, your eyes are likely to already be tired. Plus I’ve heard that being in the blazing hot sun without any eye protection is bad for you (pretty sure some doctor said something like that).

Over the course of even one day, let alone multiple, chances are high that you will lose a pair. I would not recommend bringing your Ray-Bans or Oakleys. Invest in some cheap sunglasses. There are tons of knock-off Wayfarers and Aviators that will do the trick and still look trendy.


The World’s Most Versatile Camera has revolutionized the way people share their experiences. From music festivals to sky diving to even hooking up animals to see the world through their point of view, the GoPro makes capturing amazing moments easier than ever before.

Lightweight, compact, and sharp, the you won’t even know this miraculous piece of technology is with you as you capture some of the most memorable experiences of your life. They even have headbands that allow you to strap it to your dome and walk around hands free. Not to mention all of the outlandish stuff people will do just to get on camera. Just like with the Camelbak Hydration Pack, you are upping your popularity one essential at a time.

Check out this video my buddy took of STS9 at Suwannee’s Hulaween with his GoPro attached to his festival totem.


Or any smart phone for that matter. I have become very partial to my device since joining team iPhone. With an 8 megapixel camera and 1080p HD video recording, the iPhone 6 is the next best thing behind professional recording equipment. Not to mention it allows you to record and share via social media all in the palm of your hand.

TASCAM iM2 Recorder for iPhone

Also interchangeable with an iPad or iPod. This high-quality stereo recorder features a pair of condenser microphones that simply plug into the dock of your apple device. The microphones can be adjusted up to 180 degrees to optimize the sound placement with a microphone preamp and analog-to-digital converter to minimizes noise pollution, allowing for pristine audio quality. This device can handle up to 125 decibels which make it perfect for even the rowdiest of concerts and shows.

Motorola MH230R Two Way Radio

With a range of 23 miles and over 22 channels to select from, these two way radios are the perfect way to maintain communication at any music festival. With tens of thousands of people concentrated in such a small area, you do not want to rely on cellphone service when you are trying to find your BFF.

These radios will keep you and your bestie connected with just the push of a button. It even opens the possibility of creating your own nifty communication lingo. Who knows, someone might even think you are important and you could end up backstage.

National Flag

TomorrowWorld Flags
Flags Fly High at TomorrowWorld 2013 in Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, United States – Photo via TomorrowWorld/Rukes

Festivals like TomorrowWorld, Ultra Music Festival, and EDC Las Vegas will welcome people from over 50 different countries. There are few better ways to break the ice and make new friends than repping where you are from and coming together as one.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

808 Audio’s XS Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

Portable speakers allow you to keep the music going back at the campsite. From my experiences, every camp site has always had that one guy or gal that comes through in the clutch with the early morning and late night tunes. Be that guy.


Everyone needs a place to sleep and somewhere that you can shield yourself from the elements. A tent is a no brainer. I have gone through many tents and experienced many festivals in many kinds of elements (Wakarusa 2013 anyone?). Coleman is high quality and offers the best value.

So there you have it. Ten items that will surely enhance your festival experience and probably enhance the experience of those around you. Bring the good vibes, look like the man, and allow yourself to focus on the music and the experience.

Happy raging fest fam. PLUR on.

Photo via Bizbash
Photo via Rukes
photo credit: Thomas Hawk via photopin cc

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