If music is exactly what gets you extremely high and seeing the best Disc jockeys of the world has been your fantasy, or if being a part of the craziness is your thing, then Tomorrowland Belgiumis exactly the place where you have to be now, tomorrow, and forever! This festival takes out the inner you.

Tomorrowland 2016 photo via Tomorrowland Facebook

Being the world’s wildest and biggest DJ music event, Tomorrowland is undoubtedly an amazing experience to have at least once in your life.

But if ‘Is it truly worth the buzz?’ is actually the one thing that’s been curtailing you till now, we’re here to break the news of the upcoming event.

From what is Tomorrowland event to where to eat during the festival, allow me to share the answers to each and every question that has ever been on your mind.

So, start scrolling down and have a look. We believe this comprehensive guide will certainly help you plan your journey to this musical extravaganza wisely and easily!

What’s Tomorrowland?

Giving the ultimate high, Tomorrowland festivity is actually the best and the most significant electronic music event on the planet that occurs in Boom each and every year.

It not just unites thousands of music enthusiasts from more than two hundred countries in one place but additionally brings them closer. Having its inception in the year 2005, the Tomorrowland music event has only showcased the best of techno, performers, and stage concepts every year.

If there is one occasion in this world that has genuinely given significance to new music and is the lord of all the fests, it is actually this!

Tomorrowland 2016

Where and When Is Tomorrowland Taking Place?

Like each and every year, this music party is going to be happening in Boom, Belgium, during the last couple of weekends of July where Tomorrowland 2019’s concept is The Story of Planaxis.

It makes a specialty of a guy discovering a marine top secret mysterious to the rest of humankind.

The Exclusiveness of Tomorrowland

Showcasing a lot more than 1,500 famous Disc jockeys & performers such as Oliver Heldens, Vini Vici, Hardwell, Alan Walker, San Holo, Lost Stories and much more, Tomorrowland festivity is without a doubt a one-of-its-kind beats pageant in the entire world.

This event not just preaches ‘Live Today, Love Tomorrow, Unite Forever’ to the music addicts across the world, but also makes certain that they strongly believe in it.

Above and beyond soul-satisfying and mind-boggling music, Tomorrowland event features around breathtaking fireworks and 15 spectacular stage designs.

What’s more? It takes countless people from over two hundred nations around the world in one place and unites all of them with the wonder of only one language, music!

The Ease of Registration

Andrew Rayel Love at Tomorrowland Belgium photo via Tomorrowland

Although there is no certain way to buy tickets as they’re offered on first come first basis, the simplest way to make sure you get more chances of getting the ticket is by registering properly. The following a couple of tips for the same:

Be sure you pre-register the time the pre-registration begins and provide all the important details such as contact number, email id, and name. Also, make sure that the information you provide of the person for whom you are purchasing the ticket as that name has to match with the particular event bracelet.

Steer clear of purchasing the tickets from 3rd party sites as they can be a hoax.

Inform your bank well ahead of time that you are going to make a transaction so that you don’t face any problems while purchasing the ticket.

A Place to Stay During Event

As you can certainly find good lodges in Boom, Belgium, a good option to stay during the event is actually its ground, DreamVille.

A fascinating area where music lovers from different ethnicities eat, relax, and meet together during this music festival, DreamVille is designed with a number of accommodations.

From Relax Areas to Camping tents and from Mansions to Cabanas, a two-person camping tent deal generally costs around € 850 and offers Accommodations, Full Madness Passes, basic hygiene facilities and access to The Gathering, Dreamsville Market.

Therefore, if you are a person who wants a value for money and does not like holding a lot of baggage all at once, this is exactly where you have to stay during the Tomorrowland music event.

photo credit Tomorrowland Facebook

Eateries in Tomorrowland 2019

Food is actually something that you don’t need to be worried about in any way if you are going to attend Tomorrowland as this music event serves the entire world on a platter.

And also, as per the review articles to date, it’s absolutely nothing less lip-smacking!

From allowing you to bring your own meals & beverages to the campground to making you enjoy tastes from around the globe during the event, Tomorrowland genuinely understands how to keep your tastebuds satiated.

In addition to the festivity, there are many dining places and shops in the town of DreamVille; there’ll always be eateries around. However, since Tomorrowland is usually a cashless event, you would need to buy tokens before stepping into the ground, which you’ll then use to drink & eat around.

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