Nesta!’s Surrender Album Surprises With It’s All-Encompassing Sound

Nesta!'s Surrender drops on Friday, October 16.
Nesta!’s Surrender drops on Friday, October 16.

NorCal-born turned SoCal-transplant Nesta! is a woman of many things. Singer, songwriter, wellness coach, nonprofit founder, surfer, etc. – the list goes on and on.

While the talented musician seems to hold many passions in life, music is perhaps her greatest calling, as evidenced by the upcoming release of her 3rd album: Surrender.

Celebrating her newest work with the Surrender album release party in Venice, California on Friday, October 16 – Nesta! (as always, it would appear) isn’t content with the status quo.

Instead of keeping the profits from the Surrender album release, the proceeds from the event will go to her own nonprofit organization, Let Love Rule, which focuses on saving animals from high kill environments.

That’s something that we can all support.

Available via SoundCloud, iTunes, Beatport, and YouTube – fans can easily tune in to catch a glimpse of the singer/songwriter’s eclectic sound. Early highlights include the dark and brooding “Gods” and the upbeat “Better Now” with its high-energy house sound.

Judging from our listens, Surrender promises to encompass a surprising breadth with one of the more eclectic overall sounds that we’ve heard this year.

Touching on trippy ambient, electro house, disco-infused new wave, tribal tones, and moreSurrender makes for an interesting listen with more than one would expect.

Listen to Nesta!’s Surrender below.

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  1. I did the covers for her, the cover which she paid for on 99 Design, but she “hired” me to do the rest of her covers, single, facebook page, photo enhancements.. months of work never saw a dime!! Then I see pics of her on vacation.. like she’s hurting for money.. while I spent my own cash driving back and forth from a trip of my own to fix a problem at the last minute she could of dealt with months ago..what a joke!!! I was out 200 bucks…she’s an artist alright.. A scam artist!!