The brain has 86 billion neurons, what Organic Chemists at Limitless Life consider a playground to work with when it comes to performing enhancements. The end goal being that with the right formulas you can get the brain to function on levels far beyond your baseline.

The Limitless Life team is on a mission to help people improve professionally, personally and spiritually through nootropics. Generally speaking, nootropics is the term for supplements either, natural or chemical, which can pass through the blood-brain barrier to enhance neurological performance.

Some nootropics improve available oxygen in the brain. Others improve the neurotransmitter choline, which can improve thinking and memory. Others, like Limitless Life’s recent creation called KATY, effect serotonin and dopamine levels to excite brain functions.

The developers of KATY firmly believe that users will not only have a kickass experience but “get better” with every dose.

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What are the effects of KATY?

The effects of KATY are intended to give a euphoric feeling without a come up or crash. People tend to have a brighter outlook and disposition. People often feel more open to connecting with people. In addition, you will feel the urge to be active. People have even reported a tingling euphoric sensation.

KATY is able to create these effects because the ingredients work with the feel good neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and gaba.

In addition, KATY is able to improve the functionality of your brain synapses, so they do not have to work so hard transmitting neurochemicals between synapses. As a result, feel good neurotransmitters are able to flow through the brain much more efficiently.

What is in KATY?

KATY is made up of a scientific blend of the most powerful, healthy, brain-enhancing nutritionals available without a prescription. It is derived from the South Islander’s earthy drink Kava; scientists extract pure kava. A process called Plant to Pill. Each pill is made up of multiple nutrients, plant distillates and nootropics. There is a small amount of organic green tea caffeine to keep you from feeling fatigued as your brain accelerates performance.


KATY is made up of the proper “stack” of Kava Kava, Omniracetam, EGCG, 5-HTP, Vitamin E, L-Phenylalanine, Theobromine, Methylcobalamin B12, NooSparkN-Acetyl, L-Tyrosine and Theacrine. Click here to read about the properties of each ingredient. 

In laymen’s terms, the Limitless Life team blend brain-enhancing nutrients, choline donors (increasing synaptic response), adaptogens (improving overall health/wellness and enhancing nootropic uptake), neuron stimulants (enhancing mental/physical energy), and a select number of other elements that support optimum performance.

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Furthermore, the most exciting potential of studying nootropics is discovering a formula to enhance memory, creativity, confidence, optimism, and clarity. Also, scientists are aiming to find ways to help repair damage we have done in the past. Who knows what scientists will come out with next, hopefully a pill that will expand our life expectancy.

Limitless Life is also rolling out a product call CHOLE that breaks down the excess calcium in the brain improving your ability to transfer neurochemicals across a neuron gap. This can help you think clearer and respond better to supplements.

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