On September 29, 2017, Hubstcy released his mini-EP, Control/Alive, on Sol Noir Records. These two tracks feature mesmerizing vocalist Taylor Straughn. Hubstcy’s new production styles are truly at the forefront of today’s sounds, and we can’t get enough of his eclectic style.

Hubstcy’s EP, Control/Alive, tells a soulful, love story accompanied by a funky beat.

Hubstcy takes you on a journey through several different musical styles that will keep you dancing and feeling a loving vibe. Control begins with soulful lyrics, then the track picks up with a feel-good beat.

I can’t breathe

It’s out of my control…

Just brush off your soul

Drowning in my thoughts of you…

Listen to Hubstcy’s Control below:

Now, it’s time to become captivated by Alive which also features vocalist Taylor Straughn

Alive begins with the same dynamic as Control. This track is intriguing, deep, and emotional. The intro mixes beautifully with the outro of the prior track. Taylor Straughn’s vocals captivate.

The way you read my mind…

This kind of vibe takes time…

Listen to Hubstcy’s Alive below:


Hubstcy’s EP, Control/Alive, was released shortly after his latest tracks, Totem and Cataclysm.

This producer puts sincere care into developing intricate, flawless tracks. Totem forms a bridge between electronic and tribal music; the listener feels a mysterious vibe while exotic beats consume. The track explodes with tribal chants and live instruments.

Cataclysm’s style is quite different and tells a captivating storyline consisting of chimes, drums, and future elements that speak to you through vocal samples and a funky groove. Listen to both tracks here.

Hubstcy keeps listeners on their toes by living outside the box of typical EDM structures.

With such a distinguishable signature sound and support from the brainchild of entertainment, Sol Noir Records, Hubstcy is destined to make a big dent within the EDM industry. Support both of these tracks below on Soundcloud.


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