HEwas Talks New Hit with Afroman, ‘WHOLEthing’, via Cosmic Wire

HEwas out of Spokane shocks the world by resurrecting Afroman for his latest release ‘WHOLEthing’ via Cosmic Wire. A groovy, pop meets hip-hop tune that packs Afroman’s signature prowess as HEwas’ develops an intricate, unorthodox beat that perfectly highlights the wildly catchy and comical vocals that ring oh so true.

HEwas shares on ‘WHOLEthing’:

This song is pretty emblematic of what’s to come with the character HEwas. Super fun and catchy but with a closer look the lyrics aren’t that nice! Me and Afroman basically teamed up to tell our casual hookup buddies that we’re done with them. I’ve loved creating this album with Jerad Finck (Blazar/Cosmic Wire) and exploring relationship stories that are unique like the one in “WHOLEthing”, that you don’t normally get to hear on the radio. 

‘WHOLEthing’ makes for the debut of, Cosmic Wire, a full service artist centered label and development firm focused on a holistic approach to music creation and marketing. With a massive internal network created by global influencer and producer BJ Klock (ADvisight) and viral artist BLAZAR, Cosmic Wire has established a foundation to bring rising musicians financial freedom, starting with HEwas.

HEwas made his debut back in May with ‘Lemon’, a well received pop song that showcases his outside-the-box sound design that has quickly allured a  loyal following.

Curious on where this rising talent came from and to learn more of what it was like working with Afroman we reached out for an exclusive interview.

If you could beat one world record, what record would you beat? 

Does it automatically come true? I’d go with oldest man alive, there’s a lot in life I wanna do! 

You are off to an unheard of start, working with Afroman and Blazar on your sophomore release ‘WHOLEthing’. Where did your music journey begin and what steps did you take to bring you to this amazing opportunity? 

I’ve been doing music my whole life, singing before I could speak, putting on shows for my family in the living room every night as a toddler! When I dropped out of high school at 17, the thing that convinced my mom was the fact that I’ve never wanted to do anything with my life other than music. Since then I’ve felt this urgency to prove that I made the right choice, I wake up everyday with a plan to get one step closer. 

Did you get a chance to learn anything from Afroman? 

Afroman has been amazing! So kind, so happy to help in any we he can. This was my first time collaborating with such a big star so I got to learn a lot through that experience. I’m so excited to continue to work with him throughout this process for the video, for interviews and other promo for the track. 

I’d say that one thing I learned from working with Afroman as well as just being a fan of him all these years is how important it is to have a strong brand. He’s always got the Afro, he’s always full of energy and he loops in the “Because I got high” line in a lot of other tracks to always remind folks that was him. Obviously we are all well rounded people but it’s important to kind of highlight certain traits when you’re building a brand and that’s something that I’ve been thinking a lot about as we develop this HEwas character and working with Afroman has been illuminating in that regard.

During quarantine it must be interesting collaborating on a record. Can you give us some insight in the production process for this release? 

Collaborating with Afroman during pandemic times has meant a lot of zoom calls and creative ways to work around typical marketing. We weren’t able to do a photoshoot together so we had a fantastic artist make cartoon versions of us driving down the street for the cover art. We’re also filming our parts for the music video separately and I think we came up with some awesome tricks to make it work great for the song. 

You lived in Daytona Beach! I’m an FSU Alumni and spent a spring break down in Daytona, good times! Have you experienced any wild spring break moments you can share with us? 

It’s nice to meet a fellow Floridian! I was an Uber driver part time and had my fair share of passengers throwing up on the way home! 

If you were to play a beachclub set, what are 5 tracks you would likely play? 

Performing outdoors is the best! ‘Lemon’ and ‘WHOLEthing’ would both be perfect for that, as well as one of our unreleased tracks “Ribcage”. I’d also have to break out some of my favorite covers like Valerie- Amy Winehouse and Feeling Good- Michael Buble 

What is next for HEwas?

The plan is for this collaborative release to be the fuel for everything to come. I’ve got my eyes set on some artists that I’d love to work with and Jerad and I have folder full of tracks that we can’t wait for the world to hear.

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