Five Must-Have Music Festival Apps

Music preferences might have changed, but music festivals are as popular now as they were decades earlier. From rock and pop to new-age EDM, some of the most famous music festivals in the world attract close to a million visitors annually.

Going to a music festival requires some pre-planning. While a festival checklist consists of having appropriate living options, water, bathroom hygiene products, and the right spirit, thanks to smartphones, installing a few apps beforehand can go a long way in making sure you enjoy the festival without having to worry about anything else.

The Festival App

Every prominent music festival nowadays has its own exclusive app and installing it before getting there is essential. From parking to food and from knowing where the toilets are to a complete list of all the performances, the festival app is a treasure-trove of information that you will require at one time or another.

The Money-Making App

There is no denying the fact that festival tickets cost an arm and a leg these days. To ease off some of the burdens, it is good to have a few money-making apps that you can enjoy along with the music. Online casinos are particularly impressive as you can indulge in casino games like slots and poker from anywhere. A more leisurely way to earn without having to overthink is through betting. Although sports betting is known the world over, not many are aware that it is possible to even bet on the Oscars, which makes earning a profit a lot more straightforward for people who might not incline towards any particular sports. Thanks to mobile technology and casinos and bookies going online, you can now place a bet while grooving to the sounds of your favourite band.

The Location App

With thousands and thousands of people attending music festivals, knowing where you and your friends are is of uttermost importance. It’s simpler than you think to get lost in a sea of heads, and having a location app like Google Maps can prove to be extremely beneficial. A great tip to make sure you are always with your friends is to decide on a common spot as soon as you arrive at the music festival. This way, if you separate at any time, everyone can head to that one spot and meetup.

The Ultimate Festival App

Victorinox is the ultimate in festival apps for providing users, free of charge, everything they require in an excellent package. There is the all-important geotagging option, so you always know the location of your tent. Then, it gives up-to-date information on the local weather as well as medical stations nearby. The app also has an in-built checklist that can help you prepare for the festival, making sure you don’t forget anything essential.

The Hotel App

The experience of going to a festival and pitching your tent on the field is fantastic, but not all music festivals have that option. However, there are often people living near the venue who open up rooms and their houses during festival time to accommodate all the visitors. Apps that feature bed and breakfasts in the region like Airbnb, as well as those that have hotel listings are a must if you want to make sure your festival scene is hassle-free. Just remember that sometimes it is more economical choosing a hotel that is slightly away from the festival grounds, rather than someplace that is next to it.