The electronic music industry in the west is booming. The number of artists and the festivals organized have increased exponentially over the past few years. The industry is now no longer limited to the west. Electronic music community in India has shown hints of what it can bring to the world.

Amassing a population of more than 1.3 billion, India is a market which for any industry is hard to ignore. Lately, some of the well-known music industry names have added multiple shows in India to their tours. Though mainstream artists like Martin Garrix, DJ Snake, Diplo & Calvin Harris enjoy a massive fan following in the subcontinent, non-mainstream artists also have started enjoying great engagement with the Indian audience.

Not just the amount of listeners, but the industry has also witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of electronic music producers from India. Zeus & Crona became the first artists signed to No Copyright Sounds. As of May 2019, their singles Invisible & Pill has amassed more than 21 million & 16 million views on youtube respectively. They are also the first Indian artists to feature on TrapCity.

On the other hand, Arjun Vagale, Indian techno legend became the first artist to feature on Adam Beyer’s label Drumcode.

Over the past few years, the country has given birth to a new style of electronic music, Indian electronic dance music locally known as IDM. IDM since its inception has grown exponentially in the country. IDM is a sub-genre of EDM which comprises of influences from Indian Instruments, Classical Music and Hindi Vocalists.

Nucleya and Ritviz are currently one of the most popular artists of the IDM industry.

The former is also the first Indian artist to perform in Electric Daisy Carnival(EDC) Mexico and Las Vegas chapter. He has more about 970,000 subscribers and more than 100 million views on his tracks on Youtube.

Nucleya EDC Vegas

photo credit EDC

Ritviz, on the other hand, found his breakthrough in a competition organized by an Indian Comedy channel, All India Bakchod. His release, Udd Gaye has received more than 30 million views over the past year and has received immense love all across the country.

These artists have paved the way for many other aspiring producers in India. Also, many Indian EDM communities like Third Culture, Krunk, Jwala, Nrtya have come to people’s notice in the past few years. There is no doubt in the fact that the country possesses enormous talent. It will be interesting how the EDM Community in India shapes itself in the forthcoming years.

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