SoundCloud has been living on the extremes and its journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride. 5-6 years back it was the most popular music service platform and last year it was on the verge of crisis. Besides these ups & down there is no denying in the importance it holds for the listeners and music producers  That is why we put together these marketing tips for SoundCloud.

In 2019 where the supply of music producers is tremendously huge it has become essential to focus on the marketing side of things as well. It is interesting to note that there are a few similarities between SoundCloud and one of the fastest growing social media platform Instagram. Both the services provide 3 different segments: Feed, Browse & Your Profile. The similarity between these two also allows one to try implementing Instagram Marketing techniques onto their SoundCloud.

Here are 5 marketing tips for SoundCloud which can help you solve the problem of fewer plays and followers.


marketing tips for SoundCloud

1. Providing Value over Self Promoting:

There are thousands of people both on Instagram and Soundcloud who like random stuff and comment saying check out my new beat or check out my new post. This is pretty similar to what door to door salesman does. And we all know that we are likely to reject whatever the salesman has to say irrespective of the content/product he/she offers.

On the other hand, if you continue to provide valuable feedback on someone’s music or telling them what you liked about the track it will help you in building connections and will benefit you in the long run. Don’t be afraid to drop the creator a message and taking the conversation forward. The numbers won’t become huge in a day but you are likely to gain genuine and consistent followers on your SC.


One of an integral part of Soundcloud is the Repost. A repost from a popular channel can not only provide thousands of plays in a day but helps you gain new fans and followers. How does one get reposts? Well, there are numerous websites on the internet which offer Reposts in exchange of Reposts. Sounds simple, right? You can find these websites with a simple google search. Websites provide you credits when you repost someone else’s track. You can use these credits when you want your tracks reposted. The services allow you to search for genres and favorite channels which helps you in creating the network which could work the best for you.

3. Hypemachine

Hypem/Hype Machine is a very popular music blog distributor. Website by itself doesn’t write any articles they just show you what other music blogs are writing about and then lets you listen to the tracks directly in your browser. To get featured on Hypem first is to search for some acts that are similar to yours on Hype Machine. Then discover the blogs which are writing about them and make sure you maintain a list of them. The last step would be to approach these websites. The more websites write about you the more your chances of getting featured increases.

4. Using Tags efficiently

Like Instagram, Soundcloud plays a huge emphasis on the Tags used. Make sure to use the tags which describe your music at the same time are well searched by a general audience. Also, don’t hesitate to incorporate tags of other genres which have something in common to your track.

5. Optimizing Profile

Profile Picture, Cover Photo, and Album Art do play some role in gaining plays and followers. Though they are not a core integral part of marketing but do help in making your profile a little more attractive. It doesn’t take much longer to optimize your profile and find the right album art for your tracks. Also, just like Instagram make sure to use the description region to tell about yourself and adding links to your socials as well.

It’s not difficult to gain plays and followers on Soundcloud it just takes some work which not many people seem to be doing at the moment. So, benefit yourself by utilizing these techniques and do let us know if they helped you in gaining plays and followers.

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